Monday, November 15, 2010


So, we are finally to a point with the girls where they both LOVE having their picture taken. It is almost impossible to get one of either one of them alone because the other always wants to be in the picture too. What a relief after years of tears and begging. :) We love Portrait Innovations but always leave with way too many pictures. Even after giving them away to family, we end up with an envelope full of extras. This year, my wonderful brother-in-law Matthew is taking our Christmas pictures for us. He bought a studio kit and has a great camera. His pictures are amazing! We are so excited.

This year, we'll be creating our own Christmas cards and are so excited about using Shutterfly. We have ordered photobooks and personalized gifts from them in the past. The catalog came in the mail last week and there are so many great designs to choose from! It will be hard to narrow them down to one. So far, these are just a few of my favorites (make sure you hold down the Ctrl key when you click, or this page will close):

I thought this would be so cute with the girls. Look, one of the names on here is even Carly! :)

Peppermint Bliss

Sweet Stocking

I definitely want something that we can add a few pictures to. It will be hard enough to narrow it down to one card design...I don't want to have to narrow it down to one picture too! (this is me being "the glass is half full" and assuming we'll have several great ones. :) )

Can you believe Christmas is almost here again??!!

***(Shuttefly is already an awesome site. What makes them even more awesome? This! They are giving away 50 Free Christmas Cards to bloggers. )***