Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweet Girl

I love Carly (obviously, that should go without saying. She is my daughter.) But there are the extra things that really touch me. She is so understanding, forgiving, and complimentary. When I mess up, I am really hard on myself, even about the stupidest things. She's always right there saying "It's ok, Mama!". She loves to pick out a shirt for me to wear and when I get dressed, she always tells me I look beautiful. (and it always seems right at the moment when I really needed to hear it. :)). And when we have horrible days where I feel like a nagging, terrible mom, she sticks with me and keeps smiling. She will be a great mom one day. :)

Sometimes I wonder who is learning from whom??
(whom? is that right? I never could keep that straight. :) )

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Anonymous said...

That's more than adorable! She's your support system :)